The CSM Serving Others Ministry was inspired by God, and is grounded in gratitude, revealed in prayer, and based in living in the faith, and spreading the faith.  As a God Servant, UMC Christ Servant Minister, and an Ordained Christian Minister, our Ministry is about serving others and the needy in America and the world, and to spread God's gospel and gift of everlasting life throughout the world.  Started in 2013 in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, USA by CSM and Lions Club member Drew S. McCaskey, the ministry is following Jesus' call to his disciples to serve others.  He did not tell them go out and make disciples of all nations under any denomination, specific religion or Church, but under the name of God the Father, of the Son, and the Holy Spirit; "teaching all what I have asked of you."  Our Ministry is about serving the needy, weak, poor, and hurting no matter their God beliefs and/or if they have no beliefs.  God has blessed this ministry with his gifts, blessings, and miracles; and why we work to serve others with our spreading his Gospel, and with our prayers, ministry, counseling, evangelizing, resources, and volunteering.


 CSM Serving Others Ministry