CSM Serving Others Ministry

We Serve! We are all on​ earth to serve one another.  God has gifted each person with a unique calling and to make a great difference wherever they may be.  May we all be inspired to become the child of God of faith that God intends us to be.  When Jesus walked on earth, God was showing us not only what He was like but also what He wanted man to be like. The Lord Jesus left us with a clear picture of his desires for us. We know what behavior he wants the world to see in us as he taught us by his words ,deeds, and examples.  Our Lord declared, "Now go in my name-as the Father has sent Me, so I send you." Let us be  "Christ's Ambassadors" for the world and all of its people.

The CSM Serving Others Ministry is about serving and evangelizing to others, the needy, and spreading God's love and Go​spel to the children of God around the world.  As a God Servant and Christ Servant Minister certified to 2016, our ministries support the poor, hurting, lost, and the imprisoned. Most of all and grounded in gratitude, our ministries reach around the world to spread G​od's word, love, and blessings to those around the earth who know not of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  Our God is using America as an extension of His Kingdom.   We must do God's work against increasing permissiveness, lawlessness, and selfishness.  We must obediently trust in our Lord Jesus Christ to serve and help God's Kingdom and children on our God gifted Earth.

Our Serving Others Ministry serves Philly area Nursing Home residents with eye exams and eyeglass services by the Lions Clubs Eye Bank.  Our Ministry is also a Hospice Counselor in PA providing "End of Life" counseling.  

We also aid  and support missionaries in Africa, India, Russia, and Nepal

Our CSM Serving Others Ministry supports God's Ministries that directly serve the poor, hurting, imprisoned, and needy. 

We also serve and support veteran, social, retirement, and church based services in America. 

We all have God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit within us and, again, we are all on God's Earth to serve one another.

"God of hope and faith, thank you for freeing us to live holy lives and to join together as one in the work of your mission, through Christ our Lord."  Our Ministry and evangelizing is answering our triune God's call to always serve others, and those who are in need, hurting, and lacking faith on his Earth.